On September 15, 2011, my little “adventure” in South Korea began and I would be here for about 6 months for my internship at HUBO Lab (KAIST). Being here for quite a long time, I guess I could learn more about the country, the people, the culture, and especially the Korean cuisine. I love food I must say. One of my plans here, besides doing research, is to try as many dishes as possible and to learn Korean cooking as well. To me, food is the best way to explore one culture.

In short, wish me luck and I am looking forward to this little journey and meeting new people as well.

My official weekly reports for my Professor in the States is HERE.

My little gallery can be found HERE. This is where I put my photo journals. I like photography and I believe in the beauty and power of photography and I love telling stories through photos as well.

I dedicated this page as a central hub for all of my entries here and there.



    • Pre-departure: Great fare-well with my beloved friends in the States. There is nothing more I would ask for… <Read more>
    • The Flight: My journey begins… <Read more> 
    • I’m here: A quick update… <Read more>
    • First Few Days: sleeping, eating, relaxing, meeting new friends… <Read more>
    • Ngủ Quên! (Vietnamese): I felt asleep on a bus and it took me to somewhere… <Read more>
    • First Week: It was all about Buses: I missed buses. I got lost because of buses. Yeah. Bus… <Read more>
    • Chuyến xe buýt đầu tiên ở Hàn! (Vietnamese): Knowing absolutely no Korean, I tried to find a way to the bus station in the middle of Daejeon… <Read more>
    • Happy Birthday Prof. Oh! <Read more>
    • Second Week: Sciences: It is fascinating how the people here promote Sciences to young generation… <Read more>
    • 2011 Daejeon Annual Science Fair: walking around EXPO park on a Science Fair day, watching the children getting excited about basic sciences… <Read more>
    • Third Week: weekly report for my professor… <Read more>
    • Yeongdong-gun: Fall in a Farm Village: tranquility of life with a smell of clay and new morning… <Read more>
    • Fourth Week in Daejeon: weekly report… <Read more>
    • Oh Hi! I’m Duc. Nice to meet you! I love meeting friends… <Read more>
    • A Quick Update: Started to write after a while… <Read more>
    • Hello November. Hello Again!: Just a few lines to say hello to a new month… and Thursday cooking with Duc Nguyen… <Read more>
    • Feeling Free: On top of Mount Gyejok. Feeling Free. Up there… <Read more>
    • Existence: emphasizing the importance of… <Read more>
    • Gyejoksan: had an unexpectedly awesome hiking day… <Read more>
    • Gyeongbokung Pallace (경복궁): a late fall trip at a charming palace in the middle of Seoul… <Read more>
    • Gwangjang Market (광장시장): street food and street food… <Read more>
    • By My Side: life never gets harsh when I have you by my side… <Read more>
    • Noryangjin Fish Market (노량진수산시장): Fish. Fish. Fish. And more Fish. Experiencing the early market culture… <Read more>
    • Pyeongtaek Station (평택역): on my way, being lonely sometimes… <Read more>
    • Seoul Lantern Festival 2011: sparkling and shining, splendid and fairy, the slow stream took us back to the history of Seoul… <Read more>
    • Galchi Jorim (갈치조림) at Namdaemun Market: nothing is better than a bowl of hot soup for a cold winter day. Even better when it comes to Galchi Jorim! <Read more>

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