Bucket List

Before I die…

  1. Travel to all of the continents before I turn 30
  2. Go scuba diving
  3. Know at least 4 languages (in which, there must be Vietnamese, English, German, and Chinese)
  4. Kiss someone in the rain
  5. Be on TV
  6. Make a documentary series
  7. Bungee Jump
  8. Be a full-time traveler and travel around the world
  9. Go skydiving
  10. Canoe in the Amazon Rainforest
  11. Be on a roller-coaster
  12. Walk through a haunted house alone [like the one in NYC called “Blackout NYC”]
  13. Climb a mountain
  14. Travel around Vietnam by scooter
  15. Live in another country other than my home one
  16. Travel through Vietnam-China-Russia by train
  17. Own a DSLR
  18. Bring my parents to Europe
  19. Travel abroad with my little sister
  20. Road trip
  21. Serve the army
  22. Be in space
  23. Travel with an air-balloon
  24. Bike through Cambodia and Laos
  25. Ride a camel
  26. Earn money with a manual job
  27. Be a wildlife photographer
  28. Make a time-lapsed video
  29. Get fired sometime



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