Project 6.28

Hello lovely Readers,

It has been a while. Truly a long while. How is everyone doing? About myself, I am doing great. Living in Berlin was an amazing experience for me. I will keep you posted about my stories here in the following posts. For now, here a quick look:

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I have been back to the States for about 10 days already. Until now, I still could not believe that I have just returned from Berlin, that I was actually in that incredible journey. Back to the U.S., another long and amazing endeavor ahead that I am on. For sure!

I miss Berlin, Munich, and other cities that I visited. Missing all of the friends I have made a long the way and will always be thankful to all of the kind hearts who helped and blessed me during the journey. All of those moments, I treasure them all.

You are probably wondering about the title: Project 6.28?

It is my brand new project by and for myself and hopefully, by and for others as well. Coming back to the U.S. this time, I will be finishing my last 12 months as a college student. 365 days until Commencement. I got me thinking. Time flies and so does one year; but one year, for some people, is enough to make an impact, whether on humanity, on society, on their neighborhood, on their family, or simply on themselves and their own lives. So should I. For me, it is the last 12-month sprint to graduate, to work on my projects, to prepare for the real world, to travel more, to give back to society, to help people that I can help, and many more. I have thought of quite a lot of ideas I would love to do these days and some of which I have started already. Four years back I have done not too many but enough to give me the excitement, the energy, to courage to start something new and to be silly enough to do it anyway. So wish me luck!

And 6.28 is two times the value of Pi ;-) Pi is a great number!

Stay tuned.


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