Happy July 4th

Despite the chaos near the final firework crescendo, it was a great time celebrating July 4th. Everybody was safe and sound.


Too bad, I did not have a chance to say good bye to the little boy sitting/playing/dancing next to me. When the chaos happened, I was parted from my group and drifted away. It took me a while to reunite with them but the boy already left with his mom. He said, as told by my friends: “Please tell him (referring to me) that I said goodbye. Hope you guys found him.” I felt touched.

So what happened then?

Until now, I have no idea what happened. While I was standing there, watching firework, and shooting some photos, everybody behind me started to scream and ran away from something/somebody. For a moment, I thought it was a gun shooting. The fireworks were stilling sparkling on the sky over Philadelphia Museum of Art but down on the ground, people stampeded. After a moment, everybody seemed to calm themselves. A few people unfortunately got minor bruises. Police reported that it was a motorcycle backfire. Some other explanation referring to nervous people mistaking firework reverberate off buildings as gunfire. Either way, I am happy to know that nothing horrible happened.

Happy 4th of July and have a safe and joyful holiday weekend!


About Duc Nguyen

Mad. A free-spirit and workaholic. Time doesn't matter much sometimes. Technology, Food, Music, Photography, Traveling, Cooking, Blogging.. Live Simply. Be Possible!

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