Chúc Mừng Năm Mới

That is how we say “Happy Lunar New Year” in Vietnamese. It is already the year of snake in Vietnam and many other Asian countries. Time flies fast, does it not? I still remember this time of last year, on a trip around Korea, I posted the same message to welcome the year of dragon with a photo of the magnificent dragon somewhere near the famous lighthouse in Ulsan.

I just got off from many Skype calls with my family and buddies from high school. That was some of the best hours I have ever spent on Skype. Ending the calls, I could not help it but kept thinking of a part from an old classic lyrics: “It’s the end of the party and the morning seems so grey, so unlike yesterday…” There is no firework here. No parties. But only the freezing cold night of -10 Celsius. The lingering feelings of Tết, of the old days, of intimacy just wafted through continents. I think.

So, it is Tết. I talked to my family for hours, wishing I could be home: preparing for Tết with mom, helping dad with his work, and poking my little sister. The phrase “miss home” seems to lose its power as it used to have three years ago when I started college in the US. It is like the norm of my daily life. Missing home will not get me closer to them. The only thing that works is catching the next plane home. Soon.

So, it is Tết. I skyped with my high school buddies. As always, so many things to catch up and we are still bad-ass, just like the old days. Realizing everybody is graduating from colleges soon, I am shocked how fast things have been going in the past years and I am happy how things work out for everybody, in school, at work, personal life. Really happy.

So, it is Tết. I made myself a little dinner with traditional dishes like whole boiled chicken and mung bean vermicelli soup with bamboo shoots and mushroom. Some pickles. And half a bottle of Australian Shiraz. Totally made my day after the Skype calls.


So, it is Tết. There is nothing much I would say but I wish everybody (whether you celebrate lunar new year or not) a wonderful new year with lots of love and laugh, luck and liveliness, happiness and success in life. If you are at a Vietnamese home, wish you have lots of lucky money!

Mừng Xuân Quý Tỵ. And happy birthday to my Dad!

P/S: I got this in a text from a good friend of mine in the States. Moved me.


Bánh Tét – A Must-Have for Tết in Vietnam.



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