Hallo aus München!

Hello from Munich!

And hello again my dear readers! :-)

It has been a while since my last post and I broke my promise again for not updating so often (or barely post anything, I must confess). Blah blah blah, here he blah blah blah again, but I just would like to have a quick update here, and stay tuned for more posts coming up!

Yes, I am here. In Munich, Germany – the place that have been mentioning for a while. I have moved (temporarily) here since two weeks ago for my Study and Internship Program for about 10 months.

This post would have posted two weeks earlier if my luggage made it with me to the flight from Boston to Munich. That day, I barely made it to the connecting flight since my first one from Philadelphia to Boston was delayed and I had only 20 minutes to rush to the right terminal as well as the security check. Luckily, a kind gentlemen working at the airport let me through via the VIP lane. The security check was sure sloooowww and I didn’t have time to put my stuff back to where they were supposed to be. Holding everything on my hands, I ran to the boarding gate. As I was approaching the gate, a man in black looked surprised and hurry; I was so relived when he talked on the radio “Hold the flight. He made it!” I was on time, walking to my seats without my shoes/belts/sweater on. I sat down and the plane took off. Phew. But apparently, my luggage was still in Boston then. [Don’t worry. I got my luggage a few days later thanks to Lufthansa. I would say they have one of the best airline team ever and their services are just great!]

Two weeks in and I love this city already despite the first week living without my luggage and computer. I have been on a city tour, BMW tour, a trip to Neuschwanstein Castle, Oktoberfest, Allianz Arena – home of FC Bayern Munich, etc. Wandering around this lovely city is just wonderful. Street performers are everywhere and their music is so joyful that sometimes I could just stand there, listening and dancing along for hours.

I live 40-minute by subway from center city, called Studentenstadt. It is a nice and quiet area despite being quite near the highway. There is a huge garten, Englischer Garten, nearby. It is a huge park, 3 times bigger than central park in New York. No joke. It is actually huge. Last week, I took a walk through the park and it took me more than an hour to walk from one end to another. There is a bier garden (Why not, right? Bier gardens are so common here.) I will check it out someday.

Sunset at Lake Kleinhesseloher (English Garden, Munich Germany). This has become one of my favorite places in Munich already.

Hmm.. There are so much more for me to update but I will leave them for my coming posts. Stay tuned! :-)

Winter semester here starts tomorrow and  I am so ready for that. My advisor told me that this is not a vacation. I sure know that, putting academic first while still experiencing the culture and traveling is my ultimate goal here. Oh and being fluent in German as well. Wish me luck!

Bye for now and see you soon in later posts. Bis bald!


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