Tofu (두부) in South Korea

I like tofu in general but honestly, not until I came to Korea that I love tofu this much, whether it is steamed tofu, fried diced tofu, or tofu soup. I love them all, especially when it comes to Korea where tofu is extremely healthy and delicious. Tofu is really ubiquitous here. You can find tofu of various kinds in any restaurants around the country. If tofu is not their delicacy, they pretty much serve spicy tofu soup as service or just an additionally touch of soup for your main course.

Some restaurants are specialized in tofu. They serve various types of tofu dishes I could imagine: steamed tofu with spicy stir-fried pork belly, soft tofu soup, curd tofu, tofu salad, etc. Even the product (I don’t know the name of it) coming from the process of making tofu from soy bean are used to make delicious soup as well. (It looks like mashed tofu soup but that is not actually tofu that is mashed.) Tofu is also used in other dishes as well, mostly soup, like kimchi soup, army soup, even ramyeon (Korean instant noodle) sometimes has a touch of tofu as well.

Tofu dishes in South Korea are cheap but very healthy. Everybody loves it. Next time you visit the country, give those dishes a try and you won’t regret it. Promise!


About Duc Nguyen

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  1. Sunhee from korea.

    As you said, Tofu is everywhere in Korea. It’s cheap enough for everybody. Come again and Let’s find the best Tofu restaurant~~~^^!

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