Big Year

One Sunday morning, early February, I went up on the Gyeryong and hiked. The peak is not so high, just about 845m, but the course is quite tough sometimes. However, the rocky trail really fascinated me a lot. Feel like climbing mountain someday.

The winter atop the mountain was like fading away. It got warmer that day (still cold like hell whenever a breeze passed by) and for some reasons, a lot of birds just flying around, probably enjoying the rare warm day. I saw about 11 types of birds, some of which I knew but most of them, sadly, had never seen before. Coincidentally, the night before, I watched “The Big Year” which is an okay movie about birding. So, suddenly I felt good about my encounters with those birds and thought “ooh, 11 birds are WAY OVER 1% of the record. 11 birds a day. Ignoring January and early February leaving 330 days which add up the my total number of 11×330 = 3630! It is three thousand six hundred and thirty types of birds. This year has to be my big year! No doubt!!!”

A little info for those who need: Daejeon local bus 107 goes directly to Gyeryongsan National Park.

Anyone has any idea which species is this?


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