Galchi Jorim (갈치조림) at Namdaemun Market


If you have a chance to visit Namdaemun Market (Seoul, South Korea), besides shopping around for a lot of cool stuff, please make sure to stop by Galchi Jorim Alley near gate 2. This is like a paradise of good dishes among which Galchi Jorim is the most famous. Galchi Jorim (갈치조림) or Belt Fish and Radish Casserole. Because the fish is simmered for a good amount of time, all of the spices of the sauce are just absorbed deeply in the white and tender galchi which will just melt in your mouth. In exchange, the juice and the saltiness from the fish nicely add up to the savory, rich, deep, spicy soup. The soup is just perfect with rice and steamed egg.

Galchi Jorim (갈치조림)

There are so many restaurants in the alley but you really don’t have to wonder which one to pick because all of them are famous. Perhaps the taste, the spiciness, the savory are a little bit different depending on where they get their fishes and the way each cook prepares the dishes. Galchi looks like a knife so sometimes the people here call is “knife fish.” Visit the place during July and November for the best taste of Galchi. Probably, you may want to visit Jeju or Busan for the best and freshest!

Many other dishes are great too!

Dolsot Bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥)

Dolsot Bibimbap (돌솥 비빔밥). Hot stone pot bibimbap. I wish I could capture the sizzling of the big bowl!


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  1. Sunhee

    Finally, you met Galchi Jorim. 하하하 !!

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