Seoul Lantern Festival 2011

Us at Seoul Lantern Festival 2011

Around mid-November, we traveled to Seoul and coincidentally, the 2011 Lantern Festival was being held around that time as well. So we had a remarkable walk along Cheonggyecheon (청계천) Stream in downtown Seoul. The whole night scene was sparkling and shining with a lot of uniquely-designed lanterns with different shapes and sizes. Despite the cold breezes, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves walking along the stream. Everyone was trying to take photos but the long crowded line of people on the two small walkways had to move so there was not much time for stopping and posing. This also prevented someone from falling or being pushed accidentally to the cold stream. Some areas were big enough for us to actually stop and have some shots. The colors, the lanterns, the shiny lights were simply miraculous. “Old Story of Seoul” – the theme of this year festival – not only brought us lanterns but also let us flow along the stream with the flow of history of Seoul in a fairy mood of light and lanterns. Beautiful!

How to get there: [Wait until there is a lantern festival!]

  • Line 1, Jonggak Station (종각역) Exit 5
  • Line 2, Euljiro 1-ga Station (을지로입구역) Exit 2 or 3
  • Line 5, Gwanghwamun Station (광화문역) Exit 5

The Big Gate

The.. Ecosystem?

The Bright Stream

The Commander

The Royal Orchestra

The Performers

Express printing service

and the gang again! Looks like I was just trolling. LOL


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