Noryangjin Fish Market (노량진수산시장)

After an interesting night a Jjimjibang, we woke up early to visit one of the oldest and largest fish markets in South Korea: Noryangjin Fish Market. Subway Line #1 brought us to Noryangjin Station and at the moment we asked for the direction to the market, the typical smell of seafood became so fresh and exquisite that we told each other no need to ask for directions anymore. Even the sign at the door became “useless” as well. From the subway station, we crossed a small overhead (over-subway-track, to be exact) bridge and came down a staircase before getting down to the main ground. There is a small area midway where you can take an overall look of the whole market. Just splendid and overwhelming.

How to get there: Subway Line #1 or #9, Noryangjin Station, Exit 1, Walk over the bridge.

Noryangjin Fish Market

Early Morning at the Market. We tried to get there early in the morning so that we (expectedly!) could feel the heat of a grand fish market when the new loads of products had just arrived. However, apparently, it was Sunday and there were not much going on that early.

We tried to catch something for breakfast. Bargaining for deals here is quite fun. The sellers indeed offer the good with doubled or even trippled price. So make sure you know how to say some number in Korean before bargaining. They are typically nice here so start low and then rise the price gradually. Even though I think, at the end, they are the ones who get the deals. lol

And the raw dish we had. Here, at the market, after you bargain for a good deal, the sellers will prepare the dish for you before guiding you to a nearby restaurant where you can sit down, enjoy the dish along with hot pot and soju. Good start for a chilly day in Seoul.


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