Pyeongtaek Station (평택역)

I was at Pyeongtaek Station, waiting for the train back to Daejeon, and realizing a familiar scene. Almost being alone at the station.

Pyeongtaek Station (평택역)

On my way, being alone sometimes.

And that was the second time I experienced standing on a train the whole journey. Just like using bus and subway during peak hours, but with longer duration. It happens every time I buy ticket at the train stations here, on the day of traveling. It’s cheap and fun at the same time. I really like hopping on the last car which (usually) has bigger standing room for those like me. It is kind of convenient though and the fun part is I can just sit on the floor, feeling the “chug chug, chug chug” and then “choo chooo (whistling) right under your bottom. [It gets annoying and uncomfortable after a while sitting like that, I must confess, but still, there is no better way to feel the soundtrack with all of your senses.] If you are tired of standing and sitting on the floor, just wait until the train is less crowded and then comfort yourself (illegally!) with an empty seat. Every time the train stops and people are getting on, stand up and move back to the standing room. Come back in the sitting area when the train is one the move again. I certainly do not recommend this but, well, being naughty sometimes surely brings you some great experience ;)

The conductors here usually don’t check passengers for tickets but they always check the bathrooms as soon as the trains leave the stations, when there are a lot of passenger getting on, probably to make sure no one illegally boards. You should know that there is no one checking for tickets at the doors before you get down to the tracks area. Instead, they draw a yellow line separating waiting area and passengers area with a line saying “Only paid customers can pass this line. WE TRUST YOU!”


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