Nothing is more precious than home. I probably won’t be home again this Tết *sigh* Thế là sẽ 3 cái Tết đấy. Rồi 4, rồi 5. (So it will be 3 Tết seasons. And 4, and 5.) Last time I was home was more than a year ago. Perhaps it is not too long for some people but long enough for me to miss them so badly..

The day I flew away.. again

Mom and dad work extra hard everyday for everything, for their children, against everything, against the god damn HTN. The only thing I see now that makes them happier than ever is their kids growing up strongly, happily, wonderfully, boldly, confidently, and fully. This I know from one of my uncles, my dad once said to him that his life was completed, no more trying for more, no more dreams, no more anything except nurturing his two kids and whatever he did was for them: my little sister and me. I almost cried during that touching and motivating conversation with my uncle few weeks ago. [Well, I am always moved every time I know more about my parents, about what they have done for us.] I am away to live with my passion, to explore the world, to define me, to learn, to create my life. Sometimes along the way, I just wish to be home, be surrounded by them, to have dinners, to talk to them, to help dad with his work, to go to the markets with mom, to bike my sister around, and many many things I wish for, just to be home.


About Duc Nguyen

Mad. A free-spirit and workaholic. Time doesn't matter much sometimes. Technology, Food, Music, Photography, Traveling, Cooking, Blogging.. Live Simply. Be Possible!

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