A Quick Update

Well, I have been lazy in blogging lately. Crazy and busy recently as well. Wow, a lot of zy’s! Sometimes, the X button is the one I click right away after hitting the “New Post” button. Oh well. But anyway, working in the lab from 8am to 10pm every week day is definitely a whole new level of me being a lab guy. It is actually great even though I get tired sometimes, fall asleep at my desk, walk like a zombie to the bus station, and sleep through the night until the next morning. Right now, I’m telling you, I like it that way. Spending 5 days a week in the lab to work my ass off and to learn new things is just grand. And what is more fantastic is the weekend. Two days a week for exploring and experiencing a whole new culture, meeting new people, enjoying new dishes, getting lost somewhere, cooking, dancing, etc. That is grand! Soon, for once in a life-time, I will make that 2 become 7. I mean, full-time traveler and explorer.

I'm so into food photography and the 7:2.5 and 7:2 aspect ratio right now! I think I should have for myself a photo challenge called "Within 7:2.5" Hmm that's worh a try.

My time here in South Korea has been fantastic so far with new stories and experiences every week. I had never been to a place where there are so many good people around like those here. Last Sunday, being lost up on a mountain, I got to experience Korean rural life at a family in a small village. New post is coming up for that with story, mud, sweat, blood, and all kinds of things. Nah I’m just being dramatic. It was really something I love about back-packing and exploring something which is definitely not-tourist-like type.

I finally got my post about my trip to Yeongdong-gun fixed. You can find it HERE. My report for last week can be found HERE plus the whole collection of somewhat official reports can be found HERE. This personal blog is for personal and random entries obviously ;) Stay tuned for more stories of my life.

Bis bald!


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