“[Lieben] (to love) is only an ‘i’ from Leben (life)”

While I was reviewing my German for the quiz, the midterm, and the fun of learning a new language, I found this old interesting article about German’s most beautiful words.

“The German language isn’t normally thought of as being pretty, but that hasn’t stopped the Goethe Institute from holding a competition for German’s most beautiful word. The winner? Habseligkeiten.

Language is one of my most favorite things in the world. Really! I fell in love right away with languages (so much) since the day I was exposed to English. There are always a lot of amazing and catching things in the languages, in the meanings, in the culture and the history of them, of the people speaking them, and especially the beauty of the languages. May you read the article linked below and understand why I love those so much. Learning a language is not just about mastering a whole bunch of grammar, irregular verbs, genders, rules [Honestly, one of the things I like about German is that it is so scientific and precise. German has so many specific rules that everyone has to follow, but still there are A LOT of little exceptions that annoy even advanced learners. Yes! That is annoyingly fabulous!] Instead, it is more about the feeling for it, more about the culture and history of the people and the land in it, and more for a fun part of it: “Wow! I can really know how to say this and that in German. Yayyy I’m a German now!!! Nearly… but hell yeah!”

German’s Beautiful “Belongings”Deutsche Welle


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