Yumyum, this glue is yummy

– “Wait a minute! This glue is yummy? Eww did you taste glue today like tasting yogurt?”

– “Ehhh no! Lol”

I started my day at 6am today. Checked my phone, my Gmail for messages from my sweetheart but still nothing just yet. Happily, as soon as I got back to my room from the kitchen, she texted me. And I texted her. Wish I could be with her at the airport, in Ha Noi, or simply everywhere.

This morning, I had a meeting. A lot of big bosses came and I sat next to the director and the vice president. We talked. It was kind of interesting when you can talk naturally and friendly with your boss’ bosses or even boss’ boss’ boss! Yeah I know, there are a lot of “boss” here.

A bagel with butter and grape  jelly for breakfast then a big dish for lunch.

The afternoon was kind of tiring but interesting. The team from our company was heading to a church and helping them packing food for people in need. It was an amazing experience, especially when I can see top people giving back to the community. We had a lot of fun and jokes during the packing session. We talked. We laughed. We joked. We posed. We had fun. But the sad thing was my back hurt and my boss said “I could not believe it is just Wednesday.” I know. I say this all the time! Every Wednesday, since I wish it was Thursday!

The weather today was not cool enough for me but at least it was nice. I had wind, sun, and fresh air. It is always marvelous to have a really broad and stunning view of Philly (or anywhere) from a really high point on Earth. (Talking about this, I really would like to have a chance to see the Earth from space!!)

It was 4:30pm. I was heading to the lab, helping a Ph.D. student with the force/torque sensor assembling. I stopped by 30th Street Station, looking for something to eat and ended up with three scoops of ice-cream: dark chocolate, vanilla with chocolate chips, and mango! It was so delicious. People on the street might be looking at me and wondering “What the heck! 45 degrees outside and a cup of ice-cream?” “Oh yeah. I am a normal person but do extraordinary things.”

Spending 3 hours in the lab did not cure my back-ache at all although I did not think about the hurt of my back. Nevertheless, a glued two sensors today and I will be back tomorrow and start soldering and testing.

Got back to the room at 8:10-ish. Turned on the computer real quick and text my sweetheart. She is interviewing for VISA. Wish her luck! I miss her a lot. She is getting more and more busy >:D< I miss her..

Well, yummy glue is like that.


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