Farewell 2009. Welcome 2010.

Just a few hours ahead. The year will turn and everyone will say hello to a new brilliant year. So will I.

At this moment, no angel or god is here to ask me if I want anything for 2010. It’s just me who are ready to look forward to a brilliant, who are ready to accomplish new things in life, who are ready for another wonderful year in life, who are ready for 19.

So, bé Đức muốn gì cho năm mới nào? :”)

Firstly, I want to have an excellent academic year. I want to find and follow some excellent professors. I want to do extremely well at school. I want to master the SAT, ACT and TOEFL.

Secondly, I want to be healthy, especially I want to treat my dermatological problem. I want to do a lot of amazing activities. Simply, I want a dynamic life which is full of happiness and laughter. I want to gain weight and build my body. I want to be manly. I want to learn how to dance [Waltz and Tango]

Thirdly, I want to have jobs, academically related job and just simply a job. I want to be a tutor as well.

Moreover, I want to learn Spanish [and learn a lil bit Finnish].

Next, I want to have great great great great time with my family and Hảo.

Next, I want to travel around, to learn more about Philly, about Boston [this Spring Break, hopefully]

Next, I want to get Philadelphia Driver’s License and International Driver’s License.

Last but not least, I want to do them all and think about other things I want to achieve this year.

Wish me luck.


About Duc Nguyen

Mad. A free-spirit and workaholic. Time doesn't matter much sometimes. Technology, Food, Music, Photography, Traveling, Cooking, Blogging.. Live Simply. Be Possible!


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