Fall Term Grades

All grades are finally posted. I got 3.93 GPA. It’s not bad, is it? Last term was easy. It’s true. So 3.93 doesn’t mean too much except it gives me more motivation to try and learn harder and harder. I’ve got perfect GPA points for every subjects but English [11.01/12 for English] Next terms, next years, I have to learn harder and learn how to learn professionally and how to learn in an international environment. That’s one of my main goal when following the education in the US. Go go go. Keep going.

Here is my course work:

  1. General Chemistry I: A
  2. Computation Lab I: A+
  3. Expository Writing and Reading: A-
  4. Beginning CAD Design: credit
  5. Engineering Design Lab I: A+
  6. Honors Program: A
  7. Calculus I: A+
  8. Drexel Experience: A+

Academic Standing: Good Standing

GPA: 3.93

Congrats on my last term. There are a lot of things ahead to accomplish. Learn harder and practice more. Try my best.


About Duc Nguyen

Mad. A free-spirit and workaholic. Time doesn't matter much sometimes. Technology, Food, Music, Photography, Traveling, Cooking, Blogging.. Live Simply. Be Possible!


  1. na

    this is so good. i dont know what is there to say “3.93 doesnt mean too much” :P my brother works his ass off, (he’s a party guy i cant deny), but he works so hard and he usually gets 3.3 – 3.4. His major doesnt involve exact sciences but a lot report-writing and presentation.

    Hon. You did so well this semester. We know you’re gonna try harder for the next and also the next next semesters and years. Great job!


  2. Duc Nguyen

    thank you hon :-*

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