Fall Term

Okay. It’s about to end.

I don’t think I have done hard this term. I don’t think I have learnt so many things. I don’t think I have had a so-called “academic term.” I don’t think…

I think I have just started.

So what are my problems in the last 2 months and a half here? I don’t know all of them but I know exactly some.

Winter term is coming (after a 3-week winter break) New year is coming too. I need to wake up. I need to focus. I need to set up my short-term goals and try my best. Be strong and steady. I can make it. Yes. Make it. Self-motivating during tough time. Focus. Focus. I know what I really want. I know what my problems are. I know what I have to do to solve them. I know what I have to think about. I know how to control myself. I know. I know. I know.

Hey. Don’t just write these lines down and forget them. Write it down. Keep a record of them in your mind. Remind yourself of them every morning. And the most important thing is DO IT!!!!


About Duc Nguyen

Mad. A free-spirit and workaholic. Time doesn't matter much sometimes. Technology, Food, Music, Photography, Traveling, Cooking, Blogging.. Live Simply. Be Possible!

One comment

  1. na

    ooh yeah! do it!

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